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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Discoverer 149: new indie findings

Plenty of music to suggest you in our discoverer series after holidays! But first goes first, so let's pay a visit to our dear Antipodes to see (and hear, of course) what's going on with this trio of wonders! 

Chook Race. Again (just virtually, damn it!) in Melbourne, Australia, to meet this trio formed by Matt Liveriadis, Carolyn Hawkins and Rob Remedios in 2010. Initially a garage surf band, soon their sound evolved towards a jangly, guitar-driven pop reminiscent of the Flying Nun bands and other lo-fi legends. Debut 7", self-released and self-titled, arrived in 2012, with highly limited tape 'Power Nap' and the 'Cheap Split' 7", alongside with Unity Floors following in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Again self-released, first LP ‘About Time’ came a year later. And now they return with sophomore album ‘Around The House’, out just now via Trouble in Mind (Tenth Court in AU, NZ & Japan). Hard to resist, it has boy-girl harmonies, simple yet urgent jangle riffs to keep you going all day, these sunny vibes melted with the Antipodean trademark melancholia... Another one to fall in love from down under, folks. Keep it coming!

The Wild Poppies. "Short" jump to Wellington, New Zealand, to talk about a long-time disbanded & forgotten combo that, thanks to the love and care for great music by unmissable independent labels. has revived, at least for a while. The Wild Poppies formed around 1986 and recorded the debut LP 'Heroine' and a single called 'Where Is Wellington?'. They relocated to Oxford, UK, toured for a few years with well-known local contemporaries such as Ride and Swervedriver, and released the (sadly, prophetic or ironic?) 'Out of Time' EP dissolving in 1989, when the rave culture emerged. But last year, thanks to Manufactured Recordings and our dear friends at Pretty Olivia Records 'Heroine: The Wild Poppies Complete Collection' appeared, compiling, for the first time ever, their long out-of-print aforementioned releases as well as demos for many latter-day tracks (both released and unreleased). It's a stunning collection of music. Warm, breezy jangle-pop with hints of a more experimental, shoegazy sound. You now have the chance to (re)discover a lost gem.

Bloodhounds On My TrailStill in Melbourne, but now getting into the burgeoning shoegaze scene to introduce you this quartet formed in 2013 (based on the fact they played their first gig in February 2014) by Johnny Green, Chris Donaldson, Che Walden and Nik Donaldson. Quickly making some noise locally, they received the support from Tonedeaf and Gabe Lewis from Lowtide, allowing them to record with Matt Hosking their debut EP 'Escape' in October 2014, receiving the overwhelming praise of the blogosphere and shoegazing lovers. A year later got revamped and expanded for a international release by Moon Sound Records, entitled 'Escape II' (including the a remix by the dreampop duo Ummagma), while the group shared slots live with acts like Flyying Colours or Day Ravies. With a new EP about to surface, expectations couldn't be higher with BOMT: their combination of hazy atmospheres and rhythm tension immediately recalls to Ride and Slowdive, with a very appealing nod for that "Velvetian" edge. Big soundscapes for a-soon-to-be big band.

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