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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Indie Anthology 67: essential songs

Almost A YEAR since the last chapter of our anthology? Please accept my apologies... I don't have a real reason to justify the lack of updates in this section except less time on a daily basis to update the Blog. But that's something about to change (I think), and we're going to revamp it here immediately. So, in order to do it properly, I needed an engaging, really driving tune from a very beloved & flawless band. Let's bring back the memories... and the great tunes!

Song: You Should Always Keep in Touch with Your Friends
Artist: The Wedding Present
Year: 1986

Can't remember exactly when I first listened to The Wedding Present, but I easily recall the compilation mixtapes (yes, ages ago then) with terrific bands a long lost friend of mine and myself used to exchange for a while. One of my favourites was a selection of tracks from The Posies' 'Frosting on the Beater', The Fall's 'This Nation's Saving Grace' and The Wedding Present' 'George Best'. What a killing trio, right? I loved the three bands (I still do!), but I got particularly hooked by David Gedge's way of blending jangle-pop with pure, urging electricity, so I started to search from more immediately, finding an incredibly amount of gems, among them this blissfully stunning 'You Should Always Keep in Touch with Your Friends'. From the very first second the short drum roll connects with the chiming guitar (Peter Solowka and Gedge doesn't get the credit they deserve as guitar players) the listener knows there's something going on here. It's a burst of adrenaline that keeps the pace and momentum during its minutes... but there's more beneath the shiny, upbeat surface. There's a real ache, a poignancy in the simple yet affecting lyrics. A look back to first loves and a period in time now long gone. Evocative and contagious at the same time. What an eternal tune!

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