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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Discoverer 142: new indie findings

And being the Sunday after the riot grrrl day, we have decided to choose the trio of new proposals in our discoverer series accordingly, so enjoy, and don't forget: girls to the front!

Tacocat. The trip had to start in Seattle, Washington. This quartet was born in 2007 after Longview's Safeway co-workers Lelah Maupin & Eric Randall, drummer and guitarist of the band, discovered they had a music bound. Then Randall met bassist Bree McKenna while his band was practicing in the basement of the punk house she lived in, while Maupin met Emily Nokes in a graphic design class. First releases arrived in 2009 in the form of DIY tour tape 'Frenching and Foodstamps', a split 7" with Ghost Mice and their participation on the riot grrrl 12'' 'This is Happening Without Your Permission'. In 2010 came debut album 'Shame Spiral', plus another tour tape, 'OMG', followed a year later by EP 'Woman's Day', after which got signed by Hardly Art, releasing second EP 'Take Me to Your Dealer' in 2012. But the leap forward arrived in 2014 with sophomore LP 'NVM', hailed by critics and audiences along the States. And now 'Lost Time', Tacocat's third album, plus recording the theme song for the Powerpuff Girls reboot, are here. Joyous pop-punk with a knack for melodies and powerful chord-riven tunes, leaded by Nokes killer vocals, delivering humorous punches to the patriarchal society or just having fun riding into the absurd of this pop culture choking age. Brightest bite.

Personal Best. We move to Portsmouth, UK to meet this now quartet, that were originally a trio assembled around 2013 and featuring members of Caves, Attack! Vipers! and Bedford Falls. With first release arriving in March 2014 in the form of 'The Lovin' 12" EP out via Specialist Subject Records. Built from debut and recorded late that same year in mid-Wales, in March 2015 came album 'Arnos Vale', with the band touring since then. Power-pop with hints of punk, fueled by fuzz & urgency as much as melodies, recalling the 90s and beloved names as The Breeders, Sugar or The Posies. But what makes Personal Best memorable is the undeniable sense of honesty and joy this tunes bring to the listener. Do not miss them.

The Orielles. And we end in Halifax, UK with this unbelievably young trio (almost under age) formed in 2012 by sisters Esme and Sidonie Hand-Halford plus schoolmate Henry Carlyle Wade. Formerly named the Oreoh!s in 2013 they released debut EP 'Sunny Daze/Sleepless Nights', followed by 'Hindering Waves' EP a year later, first under their current moniker, after which they started to make some buzz thanks to securing supporting slots from bands such as Honeyblood, PINS, The Primitives and The Lovely Eggs, to name a few. After the cassingle 'Yawn' in Autumn 2014, in April 2015 arrived the self-released 7" ‘Space Doubt’. Now they are back with the new EP 'Jobin', out via Art Is Hard Records. Inventive, carefree surf-rock, full on sun-soaked melodies and instantly catchy melodies that hide a punch. Contagious teen spirit.

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