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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Discoverer 138: new indie findings

Three gigantic female musicians proposed to you in our today's discoverer series. Keep it coming!

Eskimeaux. We begin in Brooklyn, NY, to meet Gabrielle Smith and her arresting music. Founding member of The Epoch, an art and songwriting collective, around 2007 Smith began to use the Eskimeaux moniker in 2007, releasing in diverse formats experimental and noise albums through 2008 and 2010. Her music production keep increasing as well as her sound was developing over the years, like the moody and gorgeous LPs  'Two Mountains', out in 2011 (and re-released by Yellow K Records last year), and 'Eskimeaux' in 2012, where subtle and darker electronic music found her way. But the best was yet to come, arriving last year with the mind-blowing bedroom pop record 'O.K.', out via Double Double Whammy Records, a haunting collection of modern, disarming, soothing, utterly affecting folk-pop tunes. Now the expectations couldn't be higher for forthcoming album 'Year of the Rabbitt', scheduled for April and, judging for the first couple of songs available, the confirmation Gabriell Smith's music is fated to be very close to you.

Two White Cranes. Jump to Bristol, UK, in order to meet Roxy Brennan, a musician active for more than a decade now, mostly known as a member of Joanna Gruesome, Grubs and Trust Fund. But she also has another project, one that under this moniker reveals a softer but still bursting side, warm and intense, approach to folk-pop. First songs surfacing at her bandcamp in 2013, but her official debut, in the form of a self-titled album, arrived in September 2014 via Stitch-Stitch Records. In August 2015 she released sophomore LP 'Radisson Blue' through Odd Box Records to overwhelming praise. Raw, pure and honest blend of indiepop and folk, heartfelt and melancholic. A thing of beauty.  

Julien Baker. And we end in Memphis, Tennessee, to meet this very young singer-songwriter and guitarist. Born in Murfreesboro, she learned guitar and got interested in punk music, forming the alternative  rock quartet Forrister (previously The Star Killers) alongside Matthew Gilliam in 2010. While performing with Forrister, she met musician Ryan Azada, who introduced her music to 6131 Records. Later on, while Baker was in her freshman year at MSTU left the band and began writing her own songs, First songs appeared at her bandcamp in an EP form in the winter of 2014, becoming the bulk of her debut studio LP 'Sprained Ankle', out since October 2015 through 6131 Records. Heavy tunes, full of emotions delivered thanks to the spare instrumentation, yet hard-hitting, arresting vocals, plus a very rare, genuine and intimate connection with the listener. Looking forward to her gig at forthcoming Primavera Sound.

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