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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Discoverer 127: new indie findings

All-female discoverer series this weekend! Three very diverse takes on pop you have to hear!

Knife Pleats. My beloved Rose Melberg is back! The indie-pop legend (The Softies, Go Sailor, Tiger Trap) has a new and extremely exciting project, the latest from a pivotal artist after the recent Brave Irene and PUPS, aside of going solo. The leading part of a quartet that includes Kaity McWhinney and Tracey Vath from Love Cuts, plus drummer Gregor Phillips, Melberg formed the group because she had a new batch of songs that she felt really needed a full band treatment. What a wise choice! 'Hat Bark Beach', released by our friends at Jigsaw Records on late September is a killer. Fuzzed pop, joyful and alive with Rose's trademark vocals, her unmatched talent for melodies and vocal harmonies. What a comeback!

La Luz.  Close ride from British Columbia to Seattle, WA,, to meet this quartet formed in the summer of 2012 and leaded by Shana Cleveland, which was already featured in the Blog with her other project with The Sandcastles. Very quickly they came out with 'Damp Face', self-released debut EP that September. A year later arrived 'It's Alive' first LP  on Hardly Art Records. After and EP with Old Lacy Bed and the 7" 'Brainwash', since August we can enjoy their sophomore album 'Weirdo Shrine', produced by Ty Segall. Vintage surf-pop (it's hard not to think on Link Wray) but infused with an urgency and vibrant energy that is automatically contagious. Infinite guitars, celestial vocals in perfect harmony and vibes from distant, sunny places. Turn on the bright lights!

Martha Ffion. And we cross the Atlantic Ocean to meet the Irish, but based in Glasgow, artist Claire Martha Ffion McKay. She started to make her a name with irresistible debut EP 'Go', out in October 2014. The singer-songwriter approach became something else when Ffion starting performing with a full band, sharing bills with the likes of Honeyblood or Jessica Pratt. Now the three first tunes have had two wonderful follow-ups this year with the single ‘No Applause’ / ‘Lead Balloon’, out in May on Lost Map Records and, more recently with the shiny 'So Long', out now on Turnstile Records. Think on Angel Olsen and Nancy Sinatra, or a less-slacker version of our beloved Courtney Barnett in love with the Shangri-Las. Pop with retro and surf vibes delivered with a punchier, hazier edge without losing any of their arresting charms. More soon please!

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