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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Discoverer 118: new indie findings

And here's another strong trio of discoveries for your listening pleasure!

Milky Wimpshake. If my memory serves me well, this is the most veteran band featured at the Discoveries section of the Blog, but better late than never! Hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, Milky Wimpshake formed in 1993, being Pete Dale's main music vehicle and an intrinsec part of the Slampt Underground Organisation, more than a label, and arts & activism scene and centre. Since 1994, when 'Songs Of Zoom And Buzz' their first release appeared to 'Encore, un effort!', out since this Spring via Fortuna POP! seven albums and six EPs/7" have forged a solid career as twee punkers, indiepop punchers, making jangle-pop bite and protest, and punk sing about love. C86, Comet Gain and Billy Bragg in tunes full of melody and meaning. In 'Encore, un effort!', Dale duets by Sophie Evans (gorgeous voice) from Life Model in more than half the record, adding a special vibe to a record that goes straight to your head & mouth. Another pop is (still) possible!

Life Model. From Newcastle to Glasgow to meet this quintet formed in 2012. They debuted with a self-titled EP in early 2013 which was praised by NME or BBC Radio. The single 'Come Round', also on tape, arrived in January 2014 and, since February 2015 we can enjoy their latest single to date, 'Lilt', out on Strong Island Records. Eight tunes of efervescent shoegaze and dreampop crowned by the melancholic and hypnotic vocals of Sophie Evans (yes, same Ms. Evans from Milky Wimpshake). There's energy and mystery here, the kind of soundtrack NASA's New Horizons spacecraft should be listening while capturing Pluto.

The Muscadettes. Change of continent to meet twin sisters Chantal and Kathleen Ambridge, hailing originally from Silicon Valley, CA, but raised in Montreal. After a night out they recruited Joe Gagné (Les Breastfeeders) on lead guitar, followed by Thomas Augustin (Malajube) on keys. As a full band, they released a self-titled EP in late 2012, making some exciting buzz on local media and setting them to tour around Canada. Now, since April we can enjoy 'Side A' EP, five delicious tunes of 60s surf-pop, a lot of beachy vibes & a garage-punk attitude that's hard to resist. Sugar and spice, the knack for melody and vocal harmonies with the crunchy energy of grungy guitars. Right in time for your summer!

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