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Monday, May 11, 2015

A week with Boutade (part II)

Boutade, La Maceta, Barcelona, April 30th

Boutade, acoustic solidarity. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

Second chapter of our "underground adventure" alongside with local band Boutade. After the first gig played at L'Ovella Negra, a venue we could define as "familiar ground" for the band, the second concert in a week was quite a different thing. Acoustic format, on a extremely eclectic bill shared with two more bands, on a bar in the middle of Gracia neighborhood, where music and pool are in the same space (luckily not happening at the same time) on a special night with a solidarity mean: all the money gathered was destined to Arquitecetes Sense Fronteres to help funding their cooperation projects in Chile and Perú.

Boutade took the opportunity as a way to experiment and try to work on a different approach of their songs. They were placed in the middle of bill, and before their time to play arrived, you can clearly see they were nervous. Will the songs work? First, debuting band, opted for a collection of covers of well-known tunes, from Jarabe de Palo to AC/DC, showing more enthusiasm and playfulness than talent. Would Boutade's serious, slightly obscure tunes work on that sort of environment? Would the acoustic adaptations of the songs have the same intensity?

The answer to both questions was an empathic YES. The short set, which comprised eight tunes from 'The Best Hunter' didn't loose a single bit of their trademark force. On the contrary, it served us to enjoy a different side of the band, with more detail to Charlie's vocal performance, to Aitor's backing vocals (maybe even too high on a couple of tunes). They suffered from the volume limiter of the vene in a couple of tunes, and they need to assemble a couple of things here and there, but the foundations and the potential is enormous. Tunes like 'Lost Friends' are fated to shine on acoustic format. But the highlight of the night? The transformation of the already wonderful 'Way to Escape' into an almost new, equally exciting tune. Have a listen & watch! Thanks Boutade!

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