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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Indie Anthology 63: essential songs

I'm reading 'Pequeño Circo', what could be considered the Spanish version of 'Please Kill Me', an impressively detailed (more than 900 hundred pages) oral history of the alternative music in our country (the 90s you know). So the next chapter in our anthology was almost mandatory. Here's a slice of the best indiepop ever made in Spain, courtesy of one of the most privileged minds has ever been on a stage, Sergio Algora...

Song: Pon Tu Mente al Sol
Artist: El Niño Gusano
Year: 1996
Use your imagination and make it pop. And if you can make people happy for a while. That's what the songs of El Niño Gusano, the songs of Sergio Algora can do for you. Pure surrealism and lyrics that simply show he was a writer penning tunes, bits of psychedelia and all the joy you can put into 3-4 minutes of music you call pop. A genuine talent, one of the true artists of Spanish indie. 'Pon Tu Mente al Sol' is one of my favourites tunes from El Niño Gusano. It's a perfect tune soaked in the sun, the straightforwardness of the music, with the jangly guitars, combining with Algora's trademark lyrics and an unstoppable, upbeat vibe, crowned with a heavenly chorus... And then the song changes completely, a fanfare appears, trumpets, a chorus reminiscent of Love, The Beatles.... Genious all over. El Niño Gusano, the best smile providers in Spain from 1993 to 1999.

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