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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Discoverer 112: new indie findings

Oh what a triplet of bands we have gathered in our discoveries' series this weekend! You're going to love it, enjoy!

Surf City. You can't do wrong going down under. Formed in 2004 in Mt Roskill, Auckland, this New Zealand quartet was quickly hailed as a "band to watch", releasing their s/t debut EP in 2008 on Arch Hill Recordings/Morr Music, with full-length 'Kudos', arriving two years later. But the best was yet to come. First with sophomore album 'We Knew It Was Not Going To Be Like This' out on Fire Records and, arriving in just a couple of weeks, 'Jekyll Island' that should propel Surf City to indiepop's stratosphere. Psychedelic pop with twists of fuzz, echoing our Flying Nun heroes while taking a ride as well with American heavyweights like The Velvet or The Feelies. Influences aside, this is catchy as hell, ridiculously engaging. Serious contender for addictive record of the year. Not to miss.

American Culture. Hailing from Denver (the press release says "they live out in the desert near four corners where Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico meet"), there's very few information on a band that, back to the press release, "don't really want the world to know who they are, personally. Just the music. We even had a hard time tracking them down for this. The tracks and art come to us on a CDR in an envelope with no return address. We have only e-mailed with them. Never spoken. They ask (politely) for no photography during their rare live shows, usually in houses or basements". They define themsleves as "pop music for introverts". Which is kind of ironic, in a way, because the majority of 'Pure American Gum', their first record (as far as we know), out next week on Jigsaw Records, is expansive, pure, unadultered, 90s indie-rock. Guided By Voices meeting Dinosaur Jr, Pavement on stereoids, Jesus and Mary Chain high on Coca-Cola. Pop hits.
Diet Cig. Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman of Earl Boykins (Forged Artifacts) hails from New Paltz, NY. With a very short background, only a handful of shows after the duo started out las summer, we began to hear first, promising tunes, late last year. Now five songs have seen the light of day via Father/Daughter Records, on the debut EP 'Over Easy', out since February. An incredible, flawless litte dose of efervescent pop-punk, irresistibly catchy and energetic, with shouty, sing-along lyrics (Tiger Trap? Don't want to point that glorious name in vain but...). Make no mistake, Diet Cig are here to make you dance, yell, smile and love them. Instant crush...

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