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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Indie Anthology 58: essential songs

It's been a great shoegazing weekend, so why not keeping up with the vibes in our anthology? Here's one of my favourite bands from that period. Ear-exploding sounds!

Song: Sweetness & Light
Artist: Lush
Year: 1990
Lush is my (original generation) second favourite shoegaze band, right after Slowdive (no one beats Rachel Goswell).It's kind of funny because I first got into the band thanks to Britpop, in particular Jarvis Cocker and his collaboration in 'Ciao!' (my brother was and still is a big Pulp fan, even bigger than me). And they did pen wonderful pop songs (Single Girl', 'Ladykillers', '500')... but one started to dig into the past and kaboom! What a heavenly band! Take 'Sweetness and Light' for instance. These chiming guitars with the otherworldly vocals echoing the melody, the inviting tempo, dream and ride at the same time. The subtle moment the tune stops (2:30) and there's that watered (or is it glass?) noise before the instrumental section arises. This is how the music must sound in space. Haunting, mysterious, unapproachable, irresistible. Shoegaze takes you places. Places full of emotion. Don't miss the trip.

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