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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Amoeba, music lover's paradise

Amoeba's logo. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Now that I've been able to post the pictures of our trip to Southern California it's also time to unveil our several visits to another must-see on L.A.: the Amoeba store. What an incredible place!Who cares about walk of fame's, Hollywood stars, chaotic cities and traffic jams where there's such a paradise awaiting for you?
Heaven, I'm in heaven...
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
So, it's time for a question I always wanted to solve.
What's in my bag?

My bag, "deconstructed"
Photo: Bloodbuzzed

To begin with:
Sleater-Kinney- Dig Me Out & One Beat
Seapony- Falling
Adam Green- Friends of Mine
Dum Dum Girls- End of Daze EP
On happy collector's mode
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Ex Cops- True Hallucinations
Rose Melberg- Portola
Fanfarlo- Rooms Filled with Light

Plus three collector's gems from personal favourites:
R.E.M. - Up and New Adventures In Hi-Fi special editions
The Divine Comedy- A Secret Story special edition

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