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Saturday, February 16, 2013

"2 Days in New York", funny or irritating?

2 Days in New York

I wouldn't say that "2 Days in Paris" was a masterpiece or an unforgettable movie, but it was enjoyable, and what matters in a comedy, it had quite a bunch of funny moments. Unfortunately, this sequel in NYC seems to have lost all the charms of its predecessor.   

A clear attempt to follow Woody Allen's path, "2 Days in New York" aims to be a lightweight comedy about a smart, intellectual couple (he's a hip talk-radio host and journalist and she's a photographer/conceptual artist) that receives the visit of her French family, provoking all sort the disasters and impossible situations. Like "2 Days in Paris" the majority of gags are based on the possibilities of French-American culture clashes, plus a few neurotic behaviours (Chris Rock's obsession with Obama might be the funniest of the film). But with frustrating results.

Director and leading actress Julie Delpy (dying to see her again on Richard Linklater's "Before Midnight"), really fuels the film with a beating, energetic pace. Dialogues and chaos (the NYC apartment really looks like an invaded and devastated place once the French arrives) are two basic elements that provide some kind of realism to the whole movie premise. But while Chris Rock, his boyfriend on the film, opts for a more stark, straight performance that gives a much needed balance in front of the crazy visitors, Delpy decides to drawn her character amidst the disaster. In my opinion, with that decision she completely ruins the story tension and as a consequence, the film has no drive

It's quite sad, but without room for contrast (as I said, the only exception being Chris Rock) most of the gags, the farcical humour is doomed. To the point of being unnerving for the audience. Most of the "French family" is just insufferable, exhausting. But is Delpy's character who takes the cake. To me, she was annoying, irritating (and I can't buy the film's ending, that justifies her behaviour) and the major factor there's little fun on "2 Days in New York". The dynamic path, the chemistry between Delpy and Rock as a couple and a pair of gags make the movie watchable, but that's not enough. 

SCORE: 4,5/10

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