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Friday, January 11, 2019

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 215

We're back! Now that the holidays madness (you know, neverending meals, even sillier than usual TV and social networks stuff, boundless consumism in the name of what?) is gone, and despite the spreading fluu, we are ready to offer you the first TOP TEN JUKEBOX of 2019, with the first tunes  we want to highlight  in the new year. An eclectic, varied and pretty exciting playlist that, for sure, is going to cheer-up your weekend. Put a smile on your face and start the days off as deserved. And remember, all the songs are available at our Soundcloud. (Join Us!)

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Best Songs of the Year 2018: 25-1

Happy 2019! Our best wishes for the year ahead... and what a better way to being it than with the last  round of our Best Songs of the Year! Here's our particular top 25, a collection of stunning tunes (it's been a serious challenge to rank them) to celebrate the 365 days of music that we just left behind, and kick off 2019 with the best possible soundtrack. As always, you have the Spotify playlist below, so we encourage you to give it a listen, the songs deserve it. We also hope you have enjoyed this 'musical tour' as much as we have done preparing it. For a great year of music ahead!   

25. Future Me Hates Me- The Beths
24. Pristine- Snail Mail
23. Dawning- DMA’s
22. Look Out from Your Window- The Innocence Mission
21. Bite the Hand- Boygenius
20. Espionage- Preoccupations
19. Web So Dense- J. Mascis
18. Me and McAlevey- Walter Martin
17. Quisiera Poder Rezar- Los Hermanos Cubero
16. Vital Sign- Olden Yolk
15. Nervous Man- The Boys with the Perpetual Nervoussness
 14. Boys in the Better Land- Fontaines D.C.
13. Wasting Time- Young Scum
12. Cruel Wind- Night Flowers
11. Sabes la Noche- Hazte Lapón
10. Talking Straight- Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
9. Night Shift- Lucy Dacus
8. Complex- The Chills
7. Need a Little Time- Courtney Barnett
6. I Was a Fool- Sunflower Bean
5. Erasure- Superchunk
4. Middle America- Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
3. Brick Horizon- Woolen Men
2. All the Mains Are Down- Math and Physics Club
1. David- Frokedal

Monday, December 31, 2018

Best Songs of the Year 2018: 50-26

We are getting close to the end of the 'road', and with any further delay, here's comes the third round of our Best Songs of the Year, now with those comprised between 50 and 26! The 'difficulty level' is exponentially increasing, with thoughtful and hard decissions to be made in order to configure the rank of the last fifty positions, a direct result of a pretty stunning collection of tunes that have dropped during 2018. We hope you like the selected ones as much as we do, and don't forget to keep tuned, as we will unveil the final playlist tomorrow, with the arrival of 2019. Have a really nice New Year's Eve!

50. From One Another- Totally Mild
49. In Your Car- Free Cake For Every Creature
48. Sozialisiert In Der BRD- Botschaft

47. Slow Rise II- Sun June
46. Itchy Sweater- Young Scum
45. Sing To Me Candy- Papercuts
44. What’s Chasing You- Marlon Williams
43. One Rizla- Shame
41. Untold- Red Red Eyes
42. Knickerbocker Street- Clint Michigan
40. I Can´t Listen to Gene Clark Anymore- Marissa Nadler
39. Danny Nedelko- Idles
38. On Division St- Nation of Language
37. Avalanche- The Treasures of Mexico
36. Twentytwo- Sunflower Bean
35. Dylan & Caitlin- Manic Street Preachers
34. Hasta La Saciedad- Sr. Chinarro
33. Woman- Cat Power
32. Wittgenstein- The New Raemon
31. Elastic Days- J. Mascis
30. Punch Drunk- Martha Ffion
29. Todas las Fiestas - Hazte Lapón
28. We Can’t Win- The Goon Sax
27. The Rover- Interpol
26. Mainland- Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Best Songs of the Year 2018: 75-51

Don't stop the beat! Ready for another dose of excellent music? After the first twenty five songs, today we bring you the second chapter of our Best Songs of the Year, now with the tunes comprised between 75 and 51 alongside their playlist, so you can enjoy each and every one of them. Have a nice Sunday and don't go too far, because the next episodes of this music countdown are around the corner...

75. Quiero Otoño de Nuevo- Mint Field
74. Laughing Man- Papercuts
73. Tea-Soaked Letter- Anna Burch
72. The Violence Inside- En Attendant Ana
71. Watermelon Sugar (Alcohol)- Sea Pinks
70. Read Between the Lines- Hurry
69. Barcelona- Burrito Panza
68. Dirty Cigarettes- Quiet Slang
67. Chequeless Reckless- Fontaines D.C.
66. Exaltation- Salad Boys
65. Young- Sun June
64. Rain Upon My Face- Carbon Poppies
63. Bad Habit- Your Smith
62. Drinking- Lachlan Denton
61. Carolina St.- Okama Flanel Boy
60. Out Of Tune- Dropkick
59. Less than Perfect- The Spook School
58. Wild- Molly Burch
57. Colossus- Idles
56. Coffee Stained Smiles- Margot
55. Rain On Tin- The Ocean Party
54. Black Lagoon- Still Corners
53. Walk Into the Sea- Johnny Marr
52. Sure- Hatchie
51. Hangout at the Gallows- Father John Misty

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Best Songs of the Year 2018: 100-76

It's time! After the lists of EPs and Records of the year, now is time to beging unveiling our Best Songs of 2018! If you are a regular follower of the Blog (maaany thanks), you'll probably know the 'rules', but for newcomers and people in need of a "refreshment", here they are. A) We always divide our favourite 100 tunes in four different posts of 25 songs each. B) In previous editions, we limited the maximum number of songs a group/artist could have overall to three, but as 2018 has been a particularly ‘rich’ year, full of exciting tunes from many acts, this year we have reduded to just two (with one sole exception). C) Bands/artists can only have one tune per round. And, of course, we compile the songs on playlists, so you can enjoy them as many times as you like. So, without further delay, here are the tunes comprised between 100 and 76! Hope you enjoy our selection. And stay tuned, next round coming very soon!

100.Yo Los He Visto- Hazte Lapon
99. More Than This- Amaya Laucirica
98. Blue Suitcase Disco Wrist- The Orielles
97. Blue Motel- Bart & the Bedazzled
96. Rodeo- QTY
95. Kentucky Smooth- Hypoluxo
94. One of Your Own- Lake Ruth
93. Colours- Seeing Hands
92. Inside Out- Blades of Joy
91. Warrior- Air Waves
90. Once In My Life- The Decemberists
89. Ageless- Parks, Squares and Alleys
88. Old Town- Say Sue Me
87. Full Disclousure- Line & Circle
86. Blue Vapor- Marissa Nadler
85. (You’re Better) than Ever- Illuminati Hotties
84. Weekend- Youthcomics
83. Carta a un Helicóptero- Invisible Harvey
82. Silvery sometimes (ghosts)- Smashing Pumpkins
81. Isn't It Obvious?- D.A.Stern
80. Omm Sha Lala- Haley Heynderickx
79. Cíclope- The New Raemon
78. Your Nail and Your Hammer- Oh Pep!
77. Around You- Free Cake For Every Creature
76. I Was More of a Mess Then- Comet Gain

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Best Records of the Year 2018

After our favorite EPs, now is time to move to their "big brothers". So, without any further delay, it's our pleasure to unveil our Best Records of 2018! Our 30 "mandatory" albums, many of them part of our personal soundtrack of the year, others recent discoveries that couldn't be highlighted enough. Never easy, but always a delightful task to do, we are particularly happy with our humble list for this year, as it somewhat balances consecrated artists, Blog favourites, plus our trademark bunch of emerging bands. In short, a fair summary of 2018 in music (the one that matters to us, at least) and for sure, a pretty stunning and varied collection of music proposals. Don't go very far away, 'cause we are finishing our best of the year songs... More soon!

30. Two Months In Ben Woolley's Room- Lachlan Denton
29. Algo Que Romper- Terrier
28. Birds Of America- Lake Ruth
27. Parallel Universe Blues- Papercuts
26. The Bluest Star- Free Cake for Every Creature
25. The Oddfellows Hall- The Ocean Party
24. We’re Not Talking- The Goon Sax
23. Ignore The Feeling- Rose Ette
22. Asunción- Sr. Chinarro
21. This Is Glue- Salad Boys
20. Silver Dollar Moment- The Orielles
19. Lush- Snail Mail
18. Sparkle Hard- Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
17. Longwave- Dropkick
16. Sunday Best- Martha Ffion
15. Songs Of Praise- Shame
14. Where We Were Together- Say Sue Me
13. Wanderer- Cat Power
12. Clean- Soccer Mommy
11. Future Me Hates Me- The Beths
10. Elastic Days- J. Mascis
9. God’s Favourite Customer- Father John Misty
8. Everything Sparks Joy- The Treasures of Mexico
7. Tú Siempre Ganas​- Hazte Lapón
6. And Nothing Hurts- Spiritualized
5. Snow Bound- The Chills
4. Young Scum- Young Scum
3Wild Notion- Night Flowers
2Hope Downs- Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
1Historian- Lucy Dacus

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Best EPs of the Year 2018

Drum rolls... and let the fireworks begin! Because today, dear followers, we begin with our best lists of the year! A beloved and long-awaited tradition, although it makes us 'boil the head' with doubts, questions, heated debates and, of course lots of spins & spins. And the first post is devoted to the "shortest" category, so here comes our 15 favorite EPs of 2018, a fine collection of miniature wonders. Hope you enjoy (at least as much as we do) and remember to stay tuned, more lists coming soon!

15. Springtime EP- Le Superhomard
14. Chambers- Lightfoils
13. The Last EP- Soft Wounds
12. Hairband- Hairband
11. Cuckoo Spit - Chemtrails
10. Carolina St. - Okama Flannel Boy
9. Self-Destruct Reality- Jetstream Pony
8. Río Arga- Río Arga
7. Part Time Punks Session- Lavender Blush
6. The Smartest Person in the Room - Benjamin Dean Wilson
5. Último Disco- Cosmo K *
4. The Yetis- The Yetis
3Rain on My Face- Carbon Poppies
2Sugar & Spice- Hatchie
1Boygenius- Boygenius

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* For us, EPs releases comprising from 3 to 6 songs. However, we have made an exception with Cosmo K's 'Último Disco', technically a mini-album, but due to its very brief duration we have included it here. We liked it too much...