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Friday, July 20, 2018

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 196

Some research suggest that when people reach 'certain age', in general, they don't look for new music. They claim that most people prefer the groups they have grew up with when they were teenagers'. Other argue lack of time or having too many options. That's not our case. And, in order to keep proving that there is still a lot of varied music to listen, here is our new TOP TEN JUKEBOX  full of great discoveries for all tastes (and ages, of course). Have a great weekend and remember, all the songs are available at our Soundcloud. (Join Us!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 195

Mid-July and, with many of you either on holidays or seriously counting down the days 'til the days off arrived. Whatever the case, here we are, ready to help you a bit in your crusade to cope with the high temperatures, everlasting workloads and summer-search options, thanks to our latest TOP TEN JUKEBOX. And it's one full of refreshing news. with the new sounds of Fanclub or Hypoluxo, and the stunning comeback of the legendary (and Blog favourites) The Chills. So, check the ten gems below, enjoy, make plans and remember, all the songs are available at our Soundcloud. (Join Us!)

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Best Songs of the Year far

Without wasting any more time, and after the records & EPs list, here are our 40 best songs of the year to date! As usual, they are not ranked, just listed in alphabetical order, with the sole limitation of just allowing one tune per group. The result is, in our opinion, a terrific collection of music that needs to be vindicated and celebrated, so we encourage you to hurry up and enjoy the playlist below.

All the Mains Are Down- Math and Physics Club
Barcelona- Burrito Panza
Boys in the Better Land- Fontaines D.C.
Bug- Renata Zeiguer
Cruel Wind- Night Flowers
Dawning- DMA’s
Dirty Cigarettes- Quiet Slang
Dylan & Caitlin- Manic Street Preachers
Erasure- Superchunk
Espionage- Preoccupations
Future Me Hates Me- The Beths
I Was a Fool- Sunflower Bean
Isn't It Obvious?- D.A.Stern
Knickerbocker Street- Clint Michigan
Look Out from Your Window- The Innocence Mission
Me and McAlevey- Walter Martin
Middle America- Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
More Than This- Amaya Laucirica
Need a little time- Courtney Barnett
Night Shift- Lucy Dacus
Omm Sha Lala- Haley Heynderickx
On Division St- Nation of Language
Once In My Life- The Decemberists
Player- Juliana Daugherty
Pristine- Snail Mail
Punch Drunk- Martha Ffion
Rodeo- QTY
Sabes la noche- Hazte Lapón
Sure- Hatchie
Take Today- Totally Mild
The Rover- Interpol
These 3 Things- Ought
Una Mujer Venezolana- Blacanova
Untold- Red Red Eyes
Vital Sign- Olden Yolk
Waiting For You- Hurry
Warrior - Air Waves
Wasting Time- Young Scum
What’s Chasing You- Marlon Williams
(You’re Better) than Ever- Illuminati Hotties

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Best Records and EPs of the year 2018... so far

Time flies and we have passed the equator of this year, which means that it's time to unveil our 25 best records and EPs of the year so far! As in previous editions, the list appears in alphabetical order (the proper, ranked, final list arrives in December) including the bands & artists that have been blowing our minds & ears the most in the last six months*. We hope you like our selection (you know, this is a work in progress) and we recommend you to stay tuned because our favorite songs from this first half of 2018 will be unveiled soon.

All at Once- Screaming Females
Asunción- Sr. Chinarro
Birds of America- Lake Ruth
Clean- Soccer Mommy
Every Little Thought- Hurry
God’s Favourite Customer- Father John Misty
Historian- Lucy Dacus
Hope Downs- Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
Horology- Red Red Eyes
Longwave- Dropkick
Lost and Found- En Attendant Ana
Lush- Snail Mail
Maps- Soft Science
Ocala Wick- Gobbinjr
September Love- Stephen’s Shore
Silver Dollar Moment- The Orielles
Sugar & Spice- Hatchie
Sunday Best- Martha Ffion
The Yetis- The Yetis** 
This Is Glue- Salad Boys
Tú Siempre Ganas. Parte 1. La Vida Adulta (Instrucciones de Uso​)​- Hazte Lapón
Where We Were Together- Say Sue Me
Wild Notion- Night Flowers
Years- Sun June
Vessel- Frankie Cosmos

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* the list comprises releases from January to June 2018
** although it was originally released in 2014, we have included it here as we have discovered them thanks to the 2018 re-release by our friends at Discos de Kirlian

Friday, June 29, 2018

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 194

Back after our Japanese adventure! This week, in addition to recovering our sleep due to jet lag, we have caught up ourselves with the latest musical releases and band discoveries. So, without further delay, here is our new TOP TEN JUKEBOX! Many new bands, others that have already been listed on the blog as The Molochs, Smokescreens, or Petite League and many great songs to enjoy the weekend as it deserves. Oh, and stay tuned we will unveil soon our favorite albums and songs of this year so far. Remember, all the songs are available at our Soundcloud. (Join Us!)

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 193

As told you, this June is about to be special for us, between books, good music (this weekend you can find us at the Barcelona Independent Sessions Festival 2018) and... holidays in Japan! So, before we pack for travelling to the land of the rising sun (we'll be off for a couple of weeks, but we'll come back strong, with the best of the year so far lists) we leave you with the weekly 'dose' of TOP TEN JUKEBOX. Another playlist full of new discoveries to keep you going through the end of Spring. Have fun and remember, all the songs are available at our Soundcloud . (Join Us!)

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Primavera Sound 2018 in brief, day 3

Without hesitation, we arrive to the third and final chapter of our quick chronicles of "our" Primavera Sound Festival 2018. Saturday 2nd of June was a pretty exciting day, intense and complete, with promising newcomers and surefire heavyweights. It was a full schedule... so let's begin!

The Good
Ms. Graham, indeed does ring a bell
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Third female afternoon in a row: Núria Graham and Christina Rosenvinge were the responsible of igniting our afternoon. The young Catalonian artist and her band were excellent (once again, we must add) showcasing the highly recommendable 'Does it Ring a Bell?' with stunning aplomb and confidence. She's great and, if there's some hope in the world and we're not completely deaf, she should hit big. She was followed by a veteran that was particularly expressive  and enticing at Seat stage. Ms. Rosenvinge showed charm, mystery, strength... plus an unquestionable knowledge of what does it mean being in front of a large audience, leading the way.     

Slowdive: We were a bit late to be in a front row position, but contrary to what was going to happen afterwards with the Arctic Monkeys, the sound was so powerful and the gig so fierce and tightly executed we were able to enjoy it even from a distant (and chatting) location. Like The National yesterday, you can't go wrong with Slowdive. What an unexpected, much longed, welcomed and special return to form this has been. Please keep coming...
 Rosenvinge, still a case to be resolved, luckily. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The Bad
Too much Mordor (part II): History repeating with what happened the day before. Criminal sun, dust and too many people wandering around. And the collapse to leave the area was appalling after the Monkeys gig, although it has to be said that some of the blame should also rest within the public shoulders, not contributing at all to ease the circulation.

Arctic Monkeys: Arguably the biggest name of this year's edition... that was major disappointment. Not because of the band itself, that was impeccable (although not very engaging and with a setlist heavily focused in their last two records, not the most dynamic) but due to the strangely weak sound, hardly listenable from the far-yet-not-that-far location at Mango stage. For once, it was easy to understand that thousands of people weren't really into it, chatting and looking for things to do/go.
Rolling Blackouts C.F., pop waves (always) from down under. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The Queen
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever/Jay Som: Yeah, we're going to give an ex aequo this time. Because both bands provided us the most joyful moments of the Festival. First, the mighty Australians (probably the most featured band at this Blog with taking into consideration their short career to date) demonstrated WHY any good festival that claims to be so SHOULD have several Antipodean bands in their roster. Energetic, jangly and unstoppable. Later on, it was time for Melina Duterte and her colleagues to conquer the (not so big, kudos to everyone to chose the Americans instead of Lorde, you are hope) audience gathered at Pitchfork stage. There's a natural charm that can't be faked. The Californian quartet looked, acted and played like a genuinely fun, easygoing, bunch. The kind of people you would like to go for drinks and goof around. Add they have enough, lo-fi, quirky and immediately lovely, songs to knock you down, and we must assume the fact: here's a band to love. Two, to be more precise...
But WE like the bus! Fun with Jay Som. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
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