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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Best Songs of the Year 2018: 100-76

It's time! After the lists of EPs and Records of the year, now is time to beging unveiling our Best Songs of 2018! If you are a regular follower of the Blog (maaany thanks), you'll probably know the 'rules', but for newcomers and people in need of a "refreshment", here they are. A) We always divide our favourite 100 tunes in four different posts of 25 songs each. B) In previous editions, we limited the maximum number of songs a group/artist could have overall to three, but as 2018 has been a particularly ‘rich’ year, full of exciting tunes from many acts, this year we have reduded to just two (with one sole exception). C) Bands/artists can only have one tune per round. And, of course, we compile the songs on playlists, so you can enjoy them as many times as you like. So, without further delay, here are the tunes comprised between 100 and 76! Hope you enjoy our selection. And stay tuned, next round coming very soon!

100.Yo Los He Visto- Hazte Lapon
99. More Than This- Amaya Laucirica
98. Blue Suitcase Disco Wrist- The Orielles
97. Blue Motel- Bart & the Bedazzled
96. Rodeo- QTY
95. Kentucky Smooth- Hypoluxo
94. One of Your Own- Lake Ruth
93. Colours- Seeing Hands
92. Inside Out- Blades of Joy
91. Warrior- Air Waves
90. Once In My Life- The Decemberists
89. Ageless- Parks, Squares and Alleys
88. Old Town- Say Sue Me
87. Full Disclousure- Line & Circle
86. Blue Vapor- Marissa Nadler
85. (You’re Better) than Ever- Illuminati Hotties
84. Weekend- Youthcomics
83. Carta a un Helicóptero- Invisible Harvey
82. Silvery sometimes (ghosts)- Smashing Pumpkins
81. Isn't It Obvious?- D.A.Stern
80. Omm Sha Lala- Haley Heynderickx
79. Cíclope- The New Raemon
78. Your Nail and Your Hammer- Oh Pep!
77. Around You- Free Cake For Every Creature
76. I Was More of a Mess Then- Comet Gain

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