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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Best Songs of the Year 2019: 100-76

Happy New Year! We are back and, as we promised last week, after the lists of EPs and Records, we are ready to unveil our Best Songs of 2019! If you are a regular follower of the Blog you'll probably know our "rules", but let us remind you anyway. A) We divide our favourite 100 tunes in four different posts of 25 songs each. B)  We limit the maximum number of songs from the same group/artist to just two. C) Bands/artists can only have one tune per "round". And, of course, we compile the songs on playlists (see below), so you can enjoy them as many times as you like (follow us in Spotify!). Hope you enjoy our selection and stay tuned, next round coming very soon!

100. Kansas Plains- Future Silence
98. I Will Never Let You Down- Whoa Melodic
97. Let Go- Angela Perley
96. Family Portrait Revisited- Kool Aid
95. Write Home- Rose Hotel
94. The Other Side of Midnight- Star Tropics
93. In the Dark- Summer Flake
92. New Reality- Patio
91. Eye 2 Eye- Witching Waves
90. Foot of Afrikka- Sambassadeur
89. Take the Journey- Molly Tuttle
88. 4AM- The Maureens
87. Un Bosque- Pauline en la Playa
86. Only a Traveler- Itasca
85. Fortune Teller- Night Flowers
84. Away- Molly Linen
83. Everyone Hides- Wilco
82. Love Keeps Kicking- Martha
81. Sicilian Crest- The Mountain Goats
80. Chasing a Feeling- Business of Dreams
79. No Bullets Spent- Spoon
78. Love in Lunacy (Saturn in Return)- Purple Pilgrims
77. Aspiring to Be a Bloke- Possible Humans
76. Used to Be Lonely- Whitney

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