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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Discoverer 95: new indie findings

Back with our new music proposals series. Several amazing bands awaiting to be discovered for you, here's the flamboyant trio of the week!

Beverly's 'Careers'Beverly. Based in Brooklyn, Beverly is a duo formed by hyper-active indie musician Frankie Rose, former member of Dum Dum Girls, Crystal Stilts, Vivian Girls, and Drew Citron, formerly in Ava Luna. Together since 2013, they finished their debut album in early 2014, with the irresistible first single 'Honey Do' happily collapsing our ears since February. Now, since past week we can enjoy the full album 'Careers', out on Kanine Records. The 60s married with the 90s, sweet female vocals wrapped in a dreamy pop haze with occasional bursts of electricity and fuzzy feedback placed on the background. Pleasant and solid in equal measure, the 'Careers' of Beverly promises to be an utterly joyous ride!

Cozy Catastrophes. Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana, Greg Adams ran the independent reissue record label Beehive Rebellion Records before writing over 1.000 album reviews and artist bios (!) for the All-Music Guide, plus hosting a thematic oldies radio program. What was left in his music agenda then? Starting his solo recording project, which he did last year, releasing debut album 'An Instructive Amusement' in August 2013. Now, thanks to our dear friends from February Records, Adams is back with a new EP, 'Way Last June', out now (there's an ultra-limited cassette too if you prefer, hurry!). Smart, warm and slightly somber bedroom-pop full of delicious melodic hooks and a subtle use of instruments like Casios, glockenspiels. An intimate pleasure!

Blessa. Although Liv Neller and Alex Burton started creating music before in Suffolk, as a quintet format, alongside with Jake Murray and brothers Robert and Andy Piercy, they only started making music together when most of them graduated at Sheffield's University in July 2013. After a few songs available online, in November arrived their debut 7" single 'Between Times / Bloom' on No-Self Records. The buzz start spreading and, finally, here's their follow-up in the form of EP 'Love is an Evol Word' out next week on Carmel Records / Generator. Dreamy pop fronted by Neller's killer vocals, here's The XX colliding with Fear of Men, electronic hints sharing melodies with jangly guitars... It might be an evol word, but you can't help falling in love with a band like them. Instant crush.

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