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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Discoverer 121: new indie findings

Three different takes on pop today awaiting for you in our discoveries series, check them out!

The Shifting Sands. Back down under folks, to our dear Dunedin, NZ and the amazing roster of Fishrider Records. Active from 2010, it all began as the solo project of Mike McLeod, former frontman of Alpha State. His songs morphed into a full album, like  'Feel', released on Spring of 2012, recorded with lots of guests, including the great David Kilgour (The Clean), Robbie Yeats (The Verlaines), Robert Scott (The Clean and The Bats), just to mention three. Among collaborators was Tom Bell, who alongside Jake Langley formed the proper band. Based on the legendary music venue the trio owns, the Chick's Hotel at Port Chalmers, the group has been perfecting their new record, 'Cosmic Radio Station', out early October on Fishrider. And the results are stunning. Space-rock breathing telluric and oceanic vibes, psychedelic pop done over and under the sea and haunting jangle-pop pieces coming from another planet. Turn to this radio station!

Lunchbox. Let's move to Oakland, California, to meet Tim Brown & Donna McKean (both members of Hard Left) and their back and forth story. Formed around 1994, they released four albums, and some 7" and EPs before they went on hiatus in 2002. Then came Birds of California, new band's incarnation that delivered the EP 'Great Expectations' on February Records in 2010, and one record, 'One and Only', in 2013 on Jigsaw Records. But the duo changed back their name to Lunchbox, coming in full form with LP 'Lunchbox Loves You' last year and now completing the rebirth with EP 'Smash Hits' out this summer. Recalling Boyracer, Rocketship, The Faintest Ideas, their bubblegum pop with a punk edge is as full of hooks and instant-catchy melodies as fuzz and sharp edges. Smashing pop, really!

Bodyheat. Always trust a Scott when it comes to pop. Hailing from Glasgow, here's a quintet too modest to talk much about themselves (though here's quite a supergroup). They have had a slow beginning (their Facebook says five years to show first song), although they have shared bill with Teen Canteen of The Orchids while tunes got fully formed. Besides, there's not much to complain when results are as wonderful as their self-titled first EP, out since July on Heavy Rapid Records. Six tunes of radiant jangle pop, the one that makes you smile, forget there's always a Monday awaiting. The one that gives you energy (oh, these chiming guitars!) and shelter. Warm, embraceable, immediately lovely tunes.

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