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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Best Songs of the Year 2014: 100-76

After ConcertsBooks, EPs and Records, we start the 4th edition of the Bloodbuzzed's Best Songs of the Year. Here's our 100 favourite songs of this last twelve months. Please don't take the order's list too seriously and, as always, consider we would love to highlight more songs & bands included, but you have to put an end. So, after many hours of the loveliest debate, we have ranked them in four different posts of 25 songs each (maximum twice per group). So, today, we begin with the tunes from 100 to 76 that you can also listen in our Souncloud page. Play it loud, enjoy it and stay tuned to the rest of the list!

100. Just One of the Guys- Jenny Lewis
99. Yeah, Tonight- Gold-Bears
98. Erika K - The Understudies 
97. Comin On’- David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights 
96. Actuary- King of Prussia
95. Honey Do- Beverly
94. Jumprope- Gingerlys 
93. The Moon Song- Karen O
92. I Lost My Way, I Found a Friend- Anthony Atkinson
91. Without a Face- Luluc
90. Latin American Ficciones- Peter Matthew Bauer
89. Market Town- Echo and the Bunnymen
88. You and You- Me and the Bees
87. My Heart is a Lonely Hunter- The Pretty Greens
86. Wavy Gravy- Flyying Colours
85. Dream Happening- Sea Pinks
84. All I Can See- Tape Waves
83. Sister- September Girls
82. Lovejunky - The Popguns
81. Walk Me to the Bridge- Manic Street Preachers
80. Forget the Fall- Flowers
79. Feel It- Powder Blue
78. The Wolf is Free - Lily and Madeleine 
77. Feel- The Soft Science 
76. El Olivar - Las Ruinas

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