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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Discoverer 113: new indie findings

A very eclectic trio of proposals in our discoveries' series this weekend! Sure you'll find something to love!

The Go! Team. Call it prejudice, I won't argue, there's too much music out there to reach everything, so I never got into this six-piece band from Brighton, UK, conceived by Ian Parton in 2000s as a project to mix all sorts of music styles, from Sonic Youth to Bollywood soundtracks, from hip hop to electro. The ambitious ideas crystallised in three LP so far, 'Thunder, Lightning, Strike' (2004), 'Proof of Youth' (2007) and 'The Rolling Blackouts' (2011); and five EPs, debut 'Get It Together' (2000), 'Are You Ready for More?' (2005), 'Audio Assault Course' (2006) and two live recordings. But the real reason The Go! Team are included here is because of 'The Scene Between' their latest album, out since this March via Memphis Industries and, easily, one of the best of the year so far. Without losing any of their trademark's effervescence and kaleidoscopic way of understanding pop, here's a collection of stunning, bright, cheery, jumpy and joyous indiepop tunes. Dance, smile, enjoy, go!

Death and the Maiden. When you receive an email from Fishrider's boss Ian Henderson you are going to hear something worth listening, so it's time to go back to Dunedin, NZ, folks. Inspired by an Edward Munch engraving, vocalist and bassist Lucinda King returned to New Zealand from Berlin in 2012 to make music with synth and drum programming Danny Brady. It seems Chromatics was a major influence but, luckily (not a fan of italo-pop for blatantly empty movies) the duo found there was something more authentic, menacing, darker here, flirting with post-punk as well as with hypnosis, and adding a wider sonic palette to their sound with the addition of guitarist and drummer Hope Robertson. Now that their self-titled debut LP is out via Fishrider we invite you to introduce yourself into the gloomy but starkly beautiful world of Death and the Maiden, seven haunting pieces set on a parallel universe of telluric shadows, icy machines and ethereal vocals. The distant war dances of the heart...

Etti/Etta. We end our round of proposals with Raffaella and Marcus, a duo coming from Campora, Italy, and Toronto, Canada, active since 2014 and with a stunning debut EP, named 'No? Yes', self-made, handmade, totally DIY-casette-made, out since past September, with another tune available at their bandcamp (all-pay-what-you-want) since this February and the promise of more to come very soon. Six tunes so far and a lot to admire: somewhere in between post-punk and noise pop, here's the unadulterated lo-fi attitude, the howl, the roar, the edge, the stomping feeling packed with the ominous, the mystery, the haze. Rough dreams. A personal favourite of the year so far...

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