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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Indie Anthology 57: essential songs

Keeping things jangly at the Anthology folks. Here's nothing more than an unmissable classic (thanks to my dear The Fireworks for the inspiration)!

Song: Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow (single version)
Artist: Felt
Year: 1984

Let's be honest. I'm pretty sure 90% of the Spaniards discovered Felt thanks to Belle and Sebastian and the love Stuart Murdoch has always declared for Lawrence music. And I'm also pretty sure the first time we heard Felt tunes got somewhat disappointed because of Lawrence's voice, much more alike to Lou Reed's, Tom Verlaine's or David Byrne's than Stuart's. But for the ones that didn't give out after one listen, we quickly found an incredible lost band. Delicate, strangely downbeat and intimate even in its more joyous moments, impossibly melodic, melodic as heaven, instrumentally delightful. There are many songs I could have chosen ('Ballad of the Band', 'The Day the Rain Came Down' were close) but 'Sunlight', with that post-punk opening that then turns into a eternal jangly guitar riff ringing all over the tune is just too glorious to resist. Yeah, the golden glow, can't you hear it?...

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