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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Discoverer 110: new indie findings

Trio of aces in this new chapter of discoveries for your ears only! Enjoy!

Day Ravies. Back down under with this quartet based in Sydney, Australia. Formed in 2011, their self-released debut EP arrived in 2012, creating the buzz for 'Tussle', first album via Popfrenzy in 2013, gaining a most deserved praise. With an online single anticipating their sophomore album, due this year, and the recent release of the 7" 'Hickford Whizz / Taking Time' on Beko Disques, 2015 looks like very exciting times for a combo that are four bands gathered in one. Shoegaze, dream pop, jangle pop, indie-rock... all labels fit but are not enough to explain the range & powers of a group with a ridiculous talent to inject melody & light into the haze, or vigour & edge to pop sweetest pills. On a league of their own
Trust Fund. Formed in 2012 this Bristol, UK, first came into the spotlight in September of 2013 with EP 'Don't Let Them Begin' out through Reeks of Effort, paving the way to the split 7" with Joanna Gruesome a year later via Happy Birthday To Me Records. Now the circle is closed with 'No One's Coming for Us' debut album just out now on Turnstile. Lo-fi, DIY aesthetics and ethics for a band that makes... introverted joyous indie-pop? Does it makes sense? Small, intimate pieces that blossom, at times seemingly just by a matter of chance, into edgier but tuneful, in-your-face melodies. Very special and highly contagious.

The Persian Leaps. We end our music trip in Saint Paul, Minnesota, to meet this trio assembled in 2012, after singer/guitarist Drew Forsberg decided to transform his originally solo project into a full band. In 2013 they release debut EP 'Praise Elephants', which was followed by another EP, 'Drive Drive Delay', out past September, both via Land Ski Records. So, why impatiently wait for their third EP, I enthusiastically suggest you to go listen their stunning songs, old-school noise-pop, where Sugar meets my dear Teenage Fanclub, full of infectious hooks, chiming guitar lines, shimmering vocal harmonies and pumped out melodies. Alive and kicking tunes.

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