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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Indie Anthology 81: essential songs

New year, new attempt to recover the pace of the Blog posts and revitalize some of its dearest sections, like the Indie AnthologyAnd to do so, here's one of my favourite post-punk tunes from a short-lived but pretty amazing band. Oh, their rapture, one of these nights!!

Song: Brother 
Artist: The Organ 
Year: 2004

Agreed, the post-punk revival was, mostly, a bunch of crap. But there were amazing exceptions to the rule, like Interpol's first albums, Editors' debut and the majestic 'Grab that gun', from Vancouver's quintet The Organ. Still sounding like an album resulting from the marriage of Morrissey (the meaningful one) and Joy Division and The Cure, with hints of Siouxsie, Patti Smith and Kristin Hersh on the arresting voice of Katie Sketch. Sadly, it was just a very short ride, with the band disbanding shortly after, but a striking one. I could choose among half of the record tunes, but I'm sticking with 'Brother', its bouncy immediacy coming out of nowhere, propelled to stratosphere thanks to the simple-yet-mind blowing melody-bearing bass before Jenny's Hammond organ embraces you while guitar lines and concise drumming bring you back to the late 80s now in sepia. I hear bands like beloved Desperate Journalist or even Savages here, and I wonder where The Organ could have achieved. Well, at least their testament was a hell of a record. It was exciting then. It is still exciting now...

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