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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Discoverer 160: new indie findings

The discoverer series are also back (some wonders already listened)... but before beginning with 2018 finds, let's take a moment to look back and recover some late-2017 bands that couldn't be missed. To begin with, come "walk to the dark side" with us for a trio of post-punk sensations!

Flesh WorldHailing from San Francisco, CA, this quartet assembled in the summer of 2012, thanks to the gathering spirits of Scott Moore (Guitar, Synths) and Jess Scott (vocalist, guitarist & also part of the lovely Brilliant Colors!) who began writing tunes together and quickly recruited Andrew Luttrell on bass and Sam Lefebvre on drums. ​The fully formed combo debuted with a self-titled EP in December 2013, out via La Vida Es Un Mus Discos. Two 7” singles, 'A Line In Wet Grass' and 'Just to Tear Me Down' followed in 2014, anticipating their first album ‘The Wild Animals In My Life’ released in 2015 on Iron Lung Records. Finally, past year they signed with Dark Entries Records, releasing sophomore album Into The Shroud’ in early September. A collection of eight blasting tunes, echoing Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Birthday Party, a tone of melodic hooks, razorsharp guitars and killer immediacy sunk between dark aesthetics, droning synths and a bouncy, very dynamic rhythm section, Flesh World is a knockout.

Makthaverskan. Quick jump to beloved Gothemburg, Sweden, to meet this quintet formed in 2008 and quickly pushing the engines with a collection of demos and, a year later, their debut self-titled album, out via Luxury Records. After a couple of singles, 'Makthaverskan II' appeared in March of 2013, with the band repeating the "pattern" until the arrival of 'Makthaverskan III', out last October. Extremely powerful (honouring their curious name), with the intense, dramatic vocals of Maja Milner exploding over your head once and again. Think of Blondie on steroids, or Siouxsie (again) leading and impossibly rushed version of Cocteau Twins. Pop with a punch and an edge, listening to Makthaverskan is quite a nocturnal, sort of cinematic, utterly fascinating experience.
Drahla. And we i n Leeds (and Wakefield), UK, to meet this DIY young trio, active since late 2015. First release, single Fictional Decision surfaced in October of 2016, with two more tunes following in the form of the 7" 'Faux Text', out via Too Pure in late April of 2017. And before the year came to an end, the band put out the 'Third Article' EP. Eight tunes so far, but enough to got us completely excited. They are in a very intriguing place, somewhere in between art-rock, noise and post-punk, a version of The Fall . But there´s something raw, even menacing and, at the same time, utterly appealing, in the way the guitars attack and hide, Mike Ainsley´s drums propels, sometimes even spits, the songs tempos, and co-vocalists Rob Riggs and Luciel Brown help building the inner tension of every piece with that coldness in their vocal delivery. Eager to hear more. Band to follow closely, believe me....  

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