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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Discoverer 147: new indie findings

Here's another round of new proposals in our discoverer series! We make quite a long trip today to bring you some of the most exciting new sounds in pop, enjoy!

Ciggie WitchWe begin in dear Melbourne, Australia with this six-piece, name it music collective or some sort of superband if you prefer, with members also playing in wonderful bands like The Ocean Party and Totally Mild. First releases 'Stupid Hamish' and 'Echidna Cottage', from October 2012 and January 2013 were packed on a limited edition cassette via their own label Osborne Again, with debut album 'Rock and Roll Juice' appearing in June of 2014. Since June, we can enjoy sophomore LP 'Classic Connection', co-released by them and our friends at Lost And Lonesome. Ciggie Witch are pure DIY guitar-driven indiepop, somewhat the missing link between Pavement, Real Estate and The Go-Betweens, languid, slightly awkward but sun kissed tunes with not so joyful lyrics. Contagious yet carefree music.

PalomicaLet's meet British (between Brighton and Bristol?) musician Nicol Parkinson and his experimental, homemade solo music project (he's also member of pop band Frozy and The Nervy Betters) that live has featured members of The Wave Pictures, Joanna Gruesome, The Middle Ones, Trust Fund, The Choo Choo Trains, among others. Palomica's first songs surfaced in 2013, with debut album 'Sometimes It's a Struggle' arriving digitally that June, followed by sophomore LP 'Petito' out just now via Fika Recordings. His music is indiepop, warm, melodic... and extremely unique, as Nicol blends the immediacy of pop with ambient sounds, cacophonies, electronic drones. From The Pastels to the Japanese avant-garde Tori Kudo’s Maher Shalal Hash Baz, everything seems to fit in Palomica's music, an young adventurous of pop.

Soccer Mommy. And finally, let me introduce you to Sophie Allison, a young singer-songwriter (and former soccer player) hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, but based in New York, where she studies English at New York University. Although she has been playing guitar from an early age, this sporty-titled project began to shape just last year, with the apparition online of 'Songs for the Recently Sad' in September 2015, followed in December & January '16 with 'Songs from My Bedroom'. parts 1 & 2.  Now, after teaming with Warren Hildebrand of Foxes In Fiction/Orchid Tapes, Allison has just released 'For Young Hearts', an utterly disarming album. Warm, inviting lo-fi indiepop with a dreamy mood, packed with gorgeous guitar lines, emotional directness and confidence in her vocals and lyrics, and an undeniable feeling of freshness and authenticity. Look for her at the Music Champions League!

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