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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Discoverer 145: new indie findings

Back with another trio of new proposals in our discoverer series. And again, and it's becoming a very nice tradition, conformed by three amazing female musicians, the best example women rule the indiepop world right now. Always girls to the front!

Mitski. Born in Japan, 25 year-old musician Mitski Miyawaki has moved with her family very frequently around the world, living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malaysia, China and Turkey among other countries before getting settled in New York to study composition at SUNY Purchase. After digital, self-released albums 'Lush' and 'Retired from Sad, New Career in Business' in 2012 and 2013, in 2014 arrived her first proper debut record with ' Bury Me at Make Out Creek' out via Double Double Whammy and Dead Oceans. Now she's back with 'Puberty 2', recorded with the help of her accomplice Patrick Hyland, out since June by Dead Oceans, an album fated to transform Mitski in one of the alternative artists to follow closely. Inventive and sonically rich, risky, brave, tense and meaningful, like summoning the Pixies and St.Vincent's altogether. Among the frontrunners for best album of the year... A must.

Japanese Breakfast. And we end with a very personal story between Eugene, Oregon, and Philadelphia, PA, to meet Michelle Zauner. Singer and guitarist of Philly indie rock quartet Little Big League, in late 2014 she moved back home to the Oregon after her mother was diagnosed with cancer. While she was there, she revamped songs from her previous lo-fi releases (there's a pretty bunch of music you can check at her bandcamp from 2013-2014) under the name Japanese Breakfast in collaboration with musician Ned Eisenberg. The result is 'Psychopomp', a stunning album out now via Yellow K Records, where the mourn of the loss collides with a bursting celebration of love and life enveloped in a collection of arresting tunes, ranging from bright indiepop to hazy shoegaze. Music as the guide for the souls to the afterlife and the comfort of the ones who remain here.

Lucy Dacus. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Lucy Dacus is a ridiculously talented musician for such a young age (just started to count her twenties!). She dropped out film school at Virginia Commonwealth University, worked at a photography lab before deciding to focus solely on music, with first tunes appearing online in 2015 and igniting the buzz on the blogosphere. Debut album 'No Burden', recorded in Nashville in just a couple of days, appeared on February 2016 via EggHunt Records (now reissued by Matador who just signed her to overwhelming response, thanks to her powerful, distinct voice, her witty (and funny, darkly funny) lyrics and her knack for melodies, between rock and folk. Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen, Courtney Barnett... take her on tour with you!  

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