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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Premiere: Alpaca Sports remixed by The Very Most!

And a wonderful premiere to end the Alpaca Sports day at the blog!!!

In a 1-10 scale of awesomeness a collaboration between Alpaca Sports & The Very Most (yes, a match made in heaven) is, at least, an 11, so imagine how happy I am to be writing this. Both bands met at the last New York Popfest, where Andreas Jonsson asked Jeremy Jensen to remix one of his songs. Now that the Swedish duo is about to release their highly anticipated debut album, “Sealed with a Kiss”, this February 24th via Dufflecoat/Luxury Records, it’s time to unveil what the talent of our indiepop hero from Boise have done with the already adorable tuneJust for Fun” (available on the special CD if you pre-order the record, something you should be doing ipso facto). For once, a remix name does justice to the song. Judge yourself below, but this "Mandolin Magic" is a 10 in my book...

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