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Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Indie Anthology 83: essential songs

With all the **it taking place in Spain (and the world) right now and uncertainty (again) knocking our front door, it was time for a "happy tune" in our Indie Anthology. With that aim and thanks to the recent read/review on a highly recommendable book which revisits power-pop and new wave's most noteworthy acts, made me remember one of the most joyful bands ever. Let's go back to Athens, GA, again...

Song: Roam 
Artist: The B-52s 
Year: 1989

Pretty easy to figure out, it was R.E.M. who brought me to the B-52s' music, a music that, to be honest, didn't really click with me at first. Guess I always found hits like 'Rock Lobster' or 'Love Shack' a bit too playfully silly (I like 'Shinny Happy People', but it wouldn't rank among my R.E.M.'s favourite precisely). But with time and patience to dig a bit deeper I discovered several gems, like 'Give Me Back My Man' (their top tune if you ask me), 'Deadbeat Club' or this perfect-pop slice entitled 'Roam' (seems it was big hit in the States, though), arguably among the best songs for going on the road. Slightly psychedelic (that guitar line, looping around itself) and danceable, contagious (handclapping!), cheerful and sprightly inviting (easy when you have Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson intertwining voices) from the very first second. A tune to foster you into adventure...

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