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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Best Records of the Year 2017

After our favourite EPs, and without wasting no more time, now it's time to unveil our Best Records of 2017! As in previous years, we have listed the 30 albums that we have listened and enjoyed the most during the last twelve months. As always, choosing between all the bands/artists' new releases that we have enjoyed during this 2017 has been very hard, but after thinking it quite a lot (which is also fun & a good excuse to have a great soundtrack with you) we believe that we have made a very varied and complete list. Awaited comebacks, new discoveries and in short, a lot of exciting music! Give it a try and stay tuned, because while you are listening this, in our opinion, amazing collection of records, we are finishing our the best songs of the year ... Coming soon!

30. Powerplant - Girlpool
29. Holiday Destination - Nadine Shah
28. Tomorrow - The Keep Left Signs
27. Rescued Objects - Arts & Leisure
26. The Weather Station- The Weather Station
25. Into the Shroud - Flesh World
24. Life After Youth - Land of Talk
23. Change of State - Novella
22. Nothing Feels Natural - Priests
21. Records de Kyoto - Últim Cavall
20. In Phrases - Zebra Hunt
19. Fits & Starts - A Certain Smile
18. Others Towns Than Ours - Last Leaves
17. Lost World - Star Tropics
16. Morningside - Fazerdaze
15. Stellular - Rose Elinor Dougall
14. Antisocialites - Alvvays
13. Els Afores - Renaldo & Clara
12. Mental Illness - Aimee Mann
11. A Deeper Understanding - The War On Drugs
10. The Courtneys II - The Courtneys
9. The Deep Set - The Bats
8. Second of Spring - Beaches
7. Slowdive - Slowdive
6. Sleep Well Beast - The National
5. Or - Eyelids
4. Blue field - The Luxembourg Signal
3Relatives In Descent - Protomartyr
2Crybaby - Danny de la Matyr
1The Navigator - Hurray for the Riff Raff

Special mentions note: There are some records that we are discovering & enjoying just right now. Therefore, as they have 'arrived late' to our ears, they haven't made the list, but we are pretty sure that, with a little more time ahead, they would part of the "chosen few". Three come to mind right now: Las Ruinas - 'Latidos Cósmicos', Nuevos Hobbies - 'Palmeras' and The Ocean Party - 'Beauty Point'.

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