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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Indie Anthology 76: essential songs

Been meaning to update the Anthology section for such a long time.. it's been ages! But finally, here we are, ready for the next chapter that, surprise surprise, bring us back (always good to be back) to my beloved Antipodes, specifically to the city of indiepop, Dunedin, in order to meet one of those Flying Nun bands that were (at least here) placed criminally "under the radar", despite their graceful and ethereal tunes. So, no time to waste, let's return to the magic island...

Song: As Does the Sun
Artist: Look Blue Go Purple
Year: 1985
Once started, I couldn't help but keep the "hunting" among the music treasures awaiting me from the Antipodes. Can't remember exactly where or how (I'm pretty sure some lost text within the Internet) that was defining Look Blue Go Purple (LBGP) as the 'female Bats'. Of course, had to check them immediately. And yes, I did understand the comparison. But no, they deserved attention on their own, not because gender issues or a similitude to amazing bands. 'Bewitched', there has never been an EP name more appropriate to reflect its content. There's something chilling, mysterious (can I say otherworldly?) yet instantly melodic and catchy in the quintet's indiepop approach (hints of baroque pop as well as folk), a pretty short career with so many stunning pieces (at least, check their 'Compilation' album folks, you won't regret it). It's been a very close fight between 'As Does the Sun' versus 'Circumspect Penelope', with 'I Don't Want You Anyway' and 'Cactus Cat' ranking closely behind, but Norma O'Malley's flute makes the difference here, adding a sylphlike, intangible quality to a tune that flourishes thanks to their trademark Byrdesque guitar lines and the captivating echo that propels the vocal harmonies. I always think LBGP tunes would fit majestically in an adventure movie or book, when the hidden treasure is discovered, revealing itself as something antique and for sure, unique, but what's even more important, everlasting... like their music.

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