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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Best Songs of the Year 2016: 50-26

As promised yesterday, here's the third round of our Best Songs the Year, with the tunes comprised between positions 50 to 26. As we are getting closer to the "final countdown" this is becoming harder and harder, but there's so many music wonders to enjoy that the struggle choosing & mounting the Spotify playlist below is a real pleasure. The 25 tunes topping the list will be online tomorrow! Keep an eye on the Blog and, even more important, keep listening!

50. Baby Blue- Soft Wounds
49. Cuban Cigars- WALL
48. Different Shades of Blue- The Buildings
47. Lay Down- DMA'S
46. Crooked Cop- Beverly
45. Sometimes Accidentally- The Goon Sax
44. Efectos Especiales- Sr. Chinarro
43. Squirrel vs. Snake- The Posies
42. Crowd- EGO
41. Extraños- Juvenilia
40. Wallflower- Martha Ffion
39. If You Say That- Young Scum
38. I Don’t Want To Be Funny Anymore- Lucy Dacus
37. All That Heaven Allows- Mercury Girls
36. Infamous- Basia Bulat
35. Folk Arp- Minor Victories
34. Pitiless- Witching Waves
33. The First Sight- Teenage Fanclub
32. Cricket o Croquet- Cómo Vivir en el Campo
31. Bitter Pill- Flowers
30. Ready for the Magic- Honeyblood
29. Never Be Mine- Angel Olsen
28. The roundabout- Ryley Walker
27. Cartas al apóstol- El Lado Oscuro De la Broca
26. Under London Skies- Close Lobsters

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