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Sunday, June 26, 2016

United We Can: A Playlist

As you might know, today is General Election Day here in Spain. A day that hopefully means the beginning of a new form of government for my country. One where corruption is not the norm and putting people (as Bernie would say, the 99%) first becomes the fundamental doctrine. One where neoliberalism is not a mantra and public service recovers its true meaning. One ruled by the unity of the people, not the will of the few powerful and rich. I'm not shy of sharing what I'm voting (I have always voted the real left) but, I'm hopeful this time we have a real chance to determine politics in Spain (as is already happening in cities like Madrid and Barcelona). So I have prepared a quick playlist with some politically charged and personally meaningful bands and songs (tried to skip the most usual political artists, like Dylan or Marley, and Sam Cooke/ Creedence have a lot to do with what my father taught me) for this long and important evening. So, if you don't share my political views, at least I hope you enjoy the music!

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