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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Discoverer 134: new indie findings

And here's another round of our discoverer seriesthis time devoted to three stunning indie rock proposals. Getting heavy, getting awesome, let's hear!

Cayetana. We begin our music trip in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with this trio formed in the fall of 2011 by Augusta Koch, Allegra Anka and Kelly Olsen. Their first release came in the form of a self-titled EP at the end of 2012. Two years later, after signing with Tiny Engines they came out with 7" 'Hot Dad Calendar', which was followed by debut album 'Nervous Like Me', that appeared in September 2014. Now they are back with stunning 7" 'Tired Eyes', out via Asian Man Records, featuring two new tracks: the original 'Freedom 1313' and a cover of New Order’s 'Age Of Consent'. Please hurry and check their music, intense and affecting indie rock with traces of punk, heavy in guitars and stomping rhythms without losing the knack for melodies, but even heavier in something much more important that any genre label: the honesty, the energy, the undeniable feeling here's a real great band with a lot to say. A lot to say to you. Not to be missed. 

Halfsour. Ian Gustafson, Matthew Mara and Zoë Wyner hail from Boston, Massachusetts, and the legend says they started playing together as a Guided By Voices cover band for a Halloween party in 2013. A self-titled, short-run demo tape that May and digital single in December was followed by split 12" EP with Reports, out on Ride The Snake Records in September 2014. All steps towards 'Tuesday Night Live', debut album just released by our friends at Jigsaw Records. Instant indie rock echoing Mr.Pollard, of course, but also a bit of Replacements or New Grenada, quick, effervescent songs full of punch, melody and lasting fun. Winning combination, band to watch for!

WALL. And we end in New York City to introduce you a hype that really deserves all the attention is getting. A four-piece leaded by the fierce vocals and presence of Sam York and literally coming out from nowhere, that doesn't have much information available on the Internet. Yet. Because with the release of their self-titled EP, just now via Wharf Cat Records, this is about to change. Immediately. Pylon, Mission of Burma, The Fall, an uncanny, mind-blowing and energetic blend of post-punk and no-wave, where urgency and rawness, delivered in the frantic vocals, the loping bass or the machine-gun guitar lines collide with an in-your-face melodic power. All in all, such an impressive debut to keep you thrilled with what comes next. All eyes (and ears) on WALL.

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