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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Battling Sónar Festival 2012 with covers!

I'm trying to write a couple of posts but I'm blocked... mainly because outside our flat there's an (electronic) war: Sónar Festival 2012 has started... not even 100 mts from where we live. With our extra-thin walls and the hot weather that forces us to keep the windows open if we don't want to get sick, there's no other option: we have to fight (musically speaking of course).

So, thanks to the wonderful A.V. Undercover Episodes we are enjoying some exciting, powerful, and extra-loud covers, so we don't have to hear the (almost exaggerating) annoying and neverending electronic beats (not a fan of that sort of music, but what really pisses me quite a bit is how they define themselves as an "advanced music Festival", but oh, well that's another story...). So, let's play some guitars and some "real" singing instead!

Dum Dum Girls cover Big Star: Lovely band playing one immortal song, from an immortal group I really have discovered thanks to Primavera Sound 2012.

The Walkmen cover R.E.M. The Walkmen cover R.E.M.: One of my favourite bands covering a gem of a song from "MY" R.E.M. No need to say anything else.

Sharon Van Etten and Shearwater cover “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” 
Sharon Van Etten covers Fine Young Cannibals Sharon Van Etten covers Fine Young Cannibals: Doble dose of the amazing Sharon, you can never have enough of her. The duet with Shearwater is stunning. So powerful.

Hospitality covers Steely Dan: One of the bands of the year so far doing wonders!
Basia Bulat covers Ted Leo & The Pharmacists: And Basia being Basia, just hear them sing.... Come back with new music, we miss you!

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