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Monday, September 26, 2011

BAM Festival, part II: dancing under the rain

After a Friday with a lot of soul and intriguing folk-pop, Saturday was the day of the concerts at Antiga Fàbrica Cervessa Damm (an old brewery, although the concerts take place in the street where the brewery is located). A triple music proposal that usually is among the busiest of the whole BAM Festival. Plus an unwelcome guest.

4t1a at BAM. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
4t1a. Finally a Catalonian band that, despite doing that sort of ubiquitous indie-folk with a clear pop focus that now seems a synonymous of success here, offers something more. First, lyrics that despite being mundane doesn't sound childish or laughable. Tunes about our everyday lives as adults that are finally recognisable and honest. And second, a music proposal that remains simple but has more subtleties and ambition than their style colleagues. Just a certain sense of repetition in the melodies or approach to the songs, but a very minor concern for a nice and pleasant band.

Herman Düne at BAM. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Herman Düne. Never been a fan of them, that sort of folkie little tunes were always a bit silly for me. That, enhanced by the fact one of their songs has been the song of the summer, in the opinion of a famous advertising campaign in Spain, made my expectations very low. But, I admit I was wrong. The trio presented their songs in an electric, uptempo way, with lots of great guitar solos and a sound close to Americana. So my initial prejudice was completely blown away. Unfortunately, the rhythm and scope of the songs was quite similar during all the set, and of course, they sang that silly advertisement tune, so to me their show was a bit monotonous and tiring.

Mando Diao at BAM. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Mando Diao. Half an hour before the final and most expected gig of the night started, rain appeared. For a long while it rained cats and dogs, and you could feel the serious threat of the concert being cancelled. But they did. And although watching a music show with an umbrella is not the most comfortable option, the show was pretty enjoyable. Sure, Mando Diao staging is impressing. The set, light, and of course their attitude (a bit cocky for my taste, but that's what rock'n'roll is all bout, isn't it?). As Woody Allen once said: "80% of success is showing up". The Swedish know that very well. Their music seems to be the perfect mixture between the sixties and modern danceable rock. Like putting in a shaker The Kinks and Franz Ferdinand. But you have to concede their songs, with the exception of the risible euro-dance sounding "Gloria", are really effective and cracking live. They are capable of giving a thunderous show. They even scared the clouds, that disappeared completely while they were playing, so it was fair to say that, in front of a fervent audience, their gig was a complete triumph.

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