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Friday, March 11, 2011

"Fish Tank", no way out

Fish Tank
Sharing the tradition of the hard-hitting realism of Ken Loach and Mike Leigh, Andrea Arnold shows in all its rawness the desolation of the British suburbs, through the life of Mia, a teenager with a straightforward mouth, a raging attitude, but also a girl with an amazing strength and braveness and a real hunger for life.

What we see is real desperation on the film. No support from a terrible familiar situation, no friends, a sense of real danger and isolation, captured by the director with some poignant and brilliant shooting. The future looks doomed for Mia, and her dancing abilities with the apparition of someone who really cares seem her only choice to escape from this world.

Arnold's script is content, all the scenes have a clear purpose and there are plenty that will stuck in your head. So when the twist in the plot appears, it compels the spectator. And when we reach the climax, we are deeply moved by it. One can say that it might be too dramatic for a 15 year old girl, but in what regards to the development of the film, there are no flaws. Also it is necessary to highlight the work of Katie Jarvis (Mia). It's so hard to believe it was her first experience acting, as she delivers a powerful, fierce and emotional character with an astounding conviction, something one can also apply to all the cast.

It is bleak, harsh and merciless. But there's also a lot to be praised in this excellent film.

SCORE: 7,75/10

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